Before You Hire An Auto Mechanic in Bradenton…

Are you looking for an auto mechanic in Bradenton, FL?

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed these important concepts. This is all about keeping you safe, as the consumer of auto repair services.

You’ll notice, none of my points here are about “tooting our horn,” if you’ll pardon the pun, here at ABC Autotech. These are questions you should ask us, too! 🙂

3 Questions To Ask Any Auto Mechanic in Bradenton, FL Before You Hire Them:

#1 – Will you provide some references?

References are commonplace in business. The reasons people don’t always ask for them are that they forget, and/or they don’t want to introduce an awkward topic. Here at ABC Autotech, our reputation among our customers is not an awkward topic!

And you would hope that any auto mechanic you might trust with your valuable car, truck or SUV here in Bradenton would be able to give you at least a couple people who would vouch for their competence and trustworthiness… right?

So, step up to the plate, and ask for references!

#2 – How long have you been under current ownership?

This is not to say that a younger or newer mechanic is necessarily not as competent or trustworthy. However, there is no replacement for the longstanding “votes of confidence” from customers, in the form of repeat business, that allows an independent auto repair shop to stay in business. Without repeat business and referrals, an independent auto mechanic can’t survive in today’s world. So, if you find a shop that has been around for 10 or more years, that’s certainly not a bad sign… And, ideally, of course, you’d like to hear that they’re still under the same ownership/management…

The answer for me is: “I have owned and operated ABC Autotech, here in Bradenton, Florida, since 1999.”

#3 – Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and what do they think of you?

The BBB is a third-party source of free information, which you as the consumer, should take advantage of before making important hiring decisions.

What you want to avoid is businesses with many unresolved complaints. That’s a sign that the business owner doesn’t always try to make things right (or just goes radio silent) when there’s an issue… Not what you want to deal with!

At ABC Autotech, we’re proud of our BBB rating, which we have displayed on our website, delivered directly by the Better Business Bureau.

EXTRA – #4 – Do your mechanics attend continuing education (CE)?

Cars are half-computer these days. There are electric cars, hybrid cars, and even cars that drive themselves out there (see my post about Google’s driverless car program recently). So it’s clear that technology is more and more of a factor in cars, which means the mechanic’s job is only getting more complex and technical. That’s why you want someone who is up on their continuing education working on your vehicle…

Conclusion: Don’t leave your car with an auto mechanic before doing a little bit of homework. It could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary or bungled repairs, and weeks of headache!

Until next time, be safe out there!

Rick B.

Owner, ABC Autotech