ABC Autotech Offers Alignment Service

Our new Hunter alignment machine is a top of the line model featuring their HawkEye Elite three-dimensional imaging technology. It is computer controlled for precision. This alignment machine produces great results for all sizes of cars and trucks.

Our top of the line Hunter alignment machine
Our top of the line Hunter alignment machine


We can now perform alignments in-house, without having to send your vehicle to another shop. This allows us to offer faster service and pass the savings on to you!

We are also able to completely control the quality of the work, which is part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. After all, our motto is “Because Quality Matters.”

If you have any questions about this new service at our shop in Bradenton, FL please call (941) 755-0112. Thank you.

Our alignment machine “sees” everything very clearly from its high vantage point.
When we say high tech, we mean high tech… it even has its own computer terminal!
The Hunter HawkEye Elite provides digital alignment of all four wheels, as shown in this image.